Pac52 Class Announces 2018 Racing Schedule

The Pac52 Class is pleased to announce our Official Class Schedule for the 2018 Season. This comes following two Owners meetings and an e-mail poll among the owners which gathered a consensus.

Along with agreeing on the schedule, the Owners have also elected to alter next years racing format to include short ‘Coastal Races’ in addition to the Windward/Leeward Buoy Racing. The Coastal Races will be featured during the regattas, with one day of each regatta set aside for this race. The Coastal Race will have a heavier weighted score and will be counted as part of each Regatta.


The 2018 Pac52 Class Schedule is:

Yachting Cup, hosted by San Diego Yacht Club
May 4 - Coastal Race
May 5 - W/L Buoy Racing
May 6 - W/L Buoy Racing

Cal Race Week, hosted by Cal Yacht Club
June 1 - Coastal Race
June 2 - W/L Buoy Racing
June 3 - W/L Buoy Racing

Long Beach Race Week, hosted by Long Beach Yacht Club
June 22 - Coastal Race
June 23 - W/L Buoy Racing
June 24 - W/L Buoy Racing

Rolex Big Boat Series, hosted by St. Francis Yacht Club
September 13 - W/L Buoy Racing
September 14 - W/L Buoy Racing
September 15 - W/L Buoy Racing
September 16 - Coastal Race

Pac52 Cup, hosted by St. Francis Yacht Club
September 28 - Coastal Race
September 29 - W/L Buoy Racing
September 30 - W/L Buoy Racing